Delosperma cooperi – Trailing Ice Plant


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The classic hardy ice plant, trailing ice plant, sports dozens of magenta flowers on lush succulent foliage. The stems of this species both rise up higher off the ground than most other hardy ice plants to form a larger, less compact clump. This adds nice contrast when planted with others of the genus.

Like many other Delospermas, trailing ice plant is quite hardy, growing from sea level to fairly high altitude. D. cooperi is reported to thrive in landsacpes in Denver. I winter all of my ice plants outdoors here in Oregon.

Hardy ice plants (Delosperma sp.) are low-growing succulents native to the alpine regions of southern Africa. While sporting attractive groundcover foliage, they are best known for their multitude of aster-like blooms. Ice plants work great in containers and planters, either by themselves or mixed with other plants. They add excellent low-growing color and texture planted in a rock garden, draping down a retaining wall, or planted anywhere a cold and drought tolerant ground cover or trailing plant is needed. They can also be used as permanent additions to hanging baskets.

Available Sizes:

  • Medium: This plant is sold in a 3.5″ pot for local orders and bare-rooted for shipped orders.


  • Max height: 6″
  • Max spread: 24″
  • Hardiness: USDA Zones 5-10
  • Light: Full sun to part shade
  • Water: nearly none required, but 1x per week increases flower and foliage performance
  • Soil: Well-drained
  • Wildlife: attracts pollinators


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