Tillandsia xerographica


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Known as the king of the air plants, Tillandsia xerographica features beautiful green to silver, ribbon-like leaves that can curl somewhat with age (though not as dramatically as T. streptophylla). Leaves can sometimes blush pink or even slightly purple under bright light. In its roughly 20-year life span it can grow up to three feet in diameter before sending up a massive flower spike!

Available sizes:

  • Small – about 5”

Tillandsias, commonly known as air plants, are bromeliads, members of the pineapple family, and are native to the Americas, from the southern US through Central America and into the northern half of South America. They are relatively easy-care houseplants requiring no pot or soil to thrive. They do, however, need relatively regular watering and moderate light. There are three main ways to water air plants: thoroughly mist them once per day, dunk them completely underwater about every other day, or soak them for an hour once per week. Turn the plants upside down after watering to let excess water drain from their crowns. Remaining constantly wet will cause them to rot. They prefer temperature ranges of 50 to 90 degrees F. In my greenhouse, however, they’ve often experienced overnight lows in the low 40s and have had no significant cold damage.


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