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NOTE: We are currently pausing our shipping operations for the next few weeks. We are extremely amazed and thankful for the massive amount of local wholesale and retail business we have received, and with our limited staff need to focus all of our efforts there until the peak season dies down a bit. Right now we are only accepting online orders for local pickup.

How Our Plants Get To You

Plants are tricky things to ship – making heavy, dense, and awkward packages, yet remaining fragile, delicate, living organisms. To give our plants the best chance of making it to you in one piece, we adhere to the following strategy:


To give our plants the best chance of survival, we’ve given a lot of thought to our packing strategy. First, we bareroot each plant, eliminating the risk of heavy pots and soil crushing delicate foliage. For perennials, we then wrap each root structure in a damp sheet of paper and seal the wrapped roots in a biodegradable plastic bag. For succulents, we wrap the roots in dry paper. Finally, the whole plant, rolled up in protective kraft paper, is nestled into the shipping box. When necessary, we will add a shipping warmer or a cold pack to protect plants from temperature extremes.



We exclusively use 2-3 day shipping. While this increases shipping costs, it helps ensure your plants’ stay in a dark box is as short as possible, and that any necessary cold or heat packs don’t thaw or burn out before the end of transit. We typically ship on Mondays and/or Tuesdays, processing orders made the previous week. If there is a variation or delay in our fulfillment window, we will announce it on our home page. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on when your order will be shipped.



We charge a $10 flat shipping rate on orders ranging from $0-59.99. Shipping is free for orders over $60 – the cost of shipping and packing is absorbed into the cost of the plants at volume.

Receiving Your Plants

When your order is delivered, it’s important to open it as soon as possible – preferably well within 24 hours of arrival. To be safe, please let us know if you will be unavailable to receive your plants any day within two weeks after placing your order. We’ll do our best to have your plants arrive before or after those days. After receiving your order, you will find an unpacking, repotting, and care guide included in the package.

Plants and Extreme Weather

We take important steps to prevent plant damage due to heat and cold. We will add a 72-hour heat pack during cold weather and a cold pack during hot weather at no extra cost. However, we cannot be held responsible for plants lost due to the weather. If a serious cold front or heat wave is coming to your area, please contact us requesting a delay to your shipment. Likewise, we’ll do our best to keep an eye on the weather forecast before shipping, and contact you about delaying shipment if we’re concerned.


Plants are living, changing organisms, and can be either positively or negatively affected by the environment they’re in, the care they receive, and the circumstances they encounter. Because of this, it is incredibly hard for a small business to offer a comprehensive guarantee on plants. However, if your order doesn’t arrive intact, if the quantity and types of plants you received aren’t the same as you ordered, or if the plants arrive dead or severely damaged for reasons other than extreme heat or cold, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery. Minor foliage damage, stretching, and discoloration occasionally occurs to plants during shipping, and while we try to prevent it as much as possible, this will not harm the long-term vitality of the plant, and we do not guarantee against this.

© 2019 Alpine Gardens | Designed by Benu Creative

© 2019 Alpine Gardens | Designed by Benu Creative

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© 2019 Alpine Gardens | Designed by Benu Creative

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